“When it started we had high hopes
now my back’s on the line, my back’s on the ropes
when it started we were alright
but night makes a fool of us in daylight.

There we were dying of frustration
saying, – Lord lead me not into temptation –
but it’s not easy when she turns you on
since they’ve gone.

If you’d only, if you’d only say yes
whether you will is anybody’s guess
God only, God knows I’m trying my best
but I’m just so tired of this loneliness.

So up they picked me by the big toe
I was held from the rooftop, then they let it go
dizzily screaming let the windows down
as I crawl to the ground.

If you’d only, if you’d only say yes
whether you will is anybody’s guess
God only, God knows she won’t let me rest
but I’m just so tired of this loneliness
I’ve become so tired of this loneliness”.



“Quando tutto cominciò avevamo grandi speranze
ma adesso sono sull’orlo del burrone
ora sono alle strette

Quando tutto cominciò stavamo tutti bene
ma la notte ci rende folli
quando arriva il giorno

Stavamo morendo per la frustrazione
dicendo – Signore, non farmi cadere in tentazione –
ma non è facile quando lei ti prende
peccato, stammi lontano

Se solo dicessi di sì
che tu lo faccia nessuno lo può sapere
solo Dio sa che sto facendo del mio meglio
ma è che sono così stanco di questa solitudine

E così mi hanno appeso per l’alluce
stavo appeso al tetto e mi hanno lasciato cadere
urlando confusamente: “Abbassate le finestre”
mentre mi trascinavo verso il terreno

Se solo dicessi di sì
che tu lo faccia nessuno lo può sapere
solo Dio sa che lei non mi lascerà in pace
ma è che sono così stanco di questa solitudine
mi sono stancato di questa solitudine”.

(Traduzione a cura di Francesco Komd)


Coldplay, Yes – 4:04
(Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin)
Album: Viva la vida or death and all his friends (2008)

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Yes is a song by British rock band Coldplay. It was written by all members of the band for their fourth album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. A hidden song, entitled “Chinese Sleep Chant“, shares this track with “Yes“, bringing the length of the track up to over seven minutes.
The song, and especially the tuning, were originally inspired by The Velvet Underground. The main characteristic of the song are the low vocals by Chris Martin. This was suggested by producer Brian Eno, to add to the variation between the songs on the album. The band’s drummer Will Champion said in an interview for MTV: “One of the main things we tried to focus on with this record is changing vocal identities, because Chris has a very recognizable voice”. The strings were played (on an electric violin) and arranged by musician Davide Rossi. The hidden track “Chinese Sleep Chant” was described as “a self-conscious parody of shoegaze” with My Bloody Valentine influences. Critics also noted the “wall of sound, heavily processed guitar-swirl and falsetto vocals through reverb”.
The song is mostly about forbidden love and sexual temptation. The singer is tempted to have sex with a specific woman, wanting her to say “yes” (If you’d only, if you’d only say yes). He’s trying not to give in to his desires (Saying, “Lord lead me not into temptation”), either because he fears the rejection and the end of his friendship, or because having sex before marriage is a sin into the eyes of God (Sin, stay gone), so that the couple tries to stay abstinent. However, he can’t stop thinking about it, due to his frustration, loneliness (But I’m just so tired of this loneliness) or his manly needs taking over. (The night makes a fool of us in the daylight) signifies the regret when he’s no longer in the state of drunken lust the next morning, and he realizes what he’s done, or that the person who seemed to be attractive last night really isn’t. Chris Martin himself calls “Yes” a “sexy” song, “written for another character” and that he’s “just pretending to be someone else in there””.

(Wikipedia, voce Yes (Coldplay song))


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