Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Simple girl (testo)

“She’s a simple girl she’s governed by simple pleasures she wont ever let you meet her family but she’ll show you pictures.

Agesandages – No nostalgia (testo)

———————————————— “When I walk there will be no speculation no act to follow and my words, they will be strong find your way, feel free to come

Dire Straits – Your latest trick (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “All the late night bargains have been struck between the satin beaus and their belles prehistoric garbage trucks have the city to themselves echoes and roars, dinosaurs they’re all doing the Monster Mash and most of the taxis, most of the whores are only taking calls for cash

Francesco Guccini – Ho ancora la forza (testo)

———————————————— “Ho ancora la forza che serve a camminare picchiare ancora contro per non lasciarmi stare ho ancora quella forza che ti serve quando dici: – Si comincia! –

Claudio Lolli – Primo maggio di festa (testo)

———————————————— “Primo maggio di festa oggi nel Vietnam e forse in tutto il mondo primo maggio di morte oggi a casa mia ma forse mi confondo.

Bee Gees – First of May (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall we used to love while others used to play don’t ask me why, but time has passed us by some one else moved in from far away.