Stromae – Alors on danse (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Alors on danse alors on danse alors on danse qui dit étude dit travail qui dit taf te dit les thunes qui dit argent dit dépenses qui dit crédit dit créance qui dit dette te dit huissier oui dit assis dans la merde Qui dit Amour dit les gosses dit toujours et dit divorce …

Los Auténticos Decadentes (feat. Rubén Albarrán y Quique Rangel) – Corazón (testo)

———————————————— “Yo no se lo que me pasa cuando estoy con vos me hipnotiza tu sonrisa me desarma tu mirada y de mi no queda nada me derrito como un hielo al sol

Francesco De Gregori – 1940 (testo)

———————————————— “Mia madre aspetta l’autobus nell’estate cominciata da poco e il mattino la veste di bianco. E la gente che legge i giornali sta parlando dell’uomo coi baffi l’altro ieri è arrivato a Parigi.

The Clash – Hateful (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Well, I got a friend who’s a man who’s a man? What man? The man who keeps me from the lonely He gives me what I need what you need? What you got? I need it all so badly

The Clash – Discografia completa – Testi e traduzioni

———————————————— ———————————————— Album in studio. The Clash (1977) 1. Janie Jones (testo) 2. Remote Control – 3:03 3. I’m So Bored with the U.S.A. – 2:24 4. White Riot – 1:56 5. Hate & War – 2:06 6. What’s My Name (Jones/Levene/Strummer) – 1:41 7. Deny – 3:06 8. London’s Burning – 2:12 9. Career …

Billie Myers – Kiss the rain (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Hello? Can you hear me? Am I getting through to you? Hello, is it late there? There’s a laughter on the line are you sure you’re there alone? ‘Cause I’m trying to explain something’s wrong you just don’t sound the same why don’t you? Why don’t you? Go outside? Go outside?

Beck – Loser (testo)

———————————————— “In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey butane in my veins so I’m out to cut the junkie with the plastic eyeballs spray-paint the vegetables dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose kill the headlights and put it in neutral stock car flaming’ with a loser and the cruise control baby’s in …

Johnny Cash – Cocaine blues (testo)

———————————————— “Early one mornin’ while makin’ the rounds I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down I went right home and I went to bed I stuck that lovin’ .44 beneath my head

Peter Cincotti – Goodbye Philadelphia (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Just like Philadelphia freedom means a lot to me in between the place I’ve been and where I’m goin’ I can see America tryin’ not to show her age even though the winds of change keep on blowin’