The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Set the sails I feel the winds a’stirring towards the bright horizon set the way cast your reckless dreams upon our Mayflower haven from the world and her decay

Madredeus – O sonho (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Quem contar um sonho que sonhou não conta tudo o que encontrou contar um sonho é proibido

Wilsen – Anahita (testo)

———————————————— Testo. “This is it, love Where shadow meets the light I can’t speak now I can’t find an honest sound Those moves I made Each one faster on the wire I was a child then I made mistakes and I shall lie here with them

Nomadi – Dio è morto (se Dio muore, è per tre giorni poi risorge) (testo)

———————————————— “Ho visto la gente della mia età andare via lungo le strade che non portano mai a niente cercare il sogno che conduce alla pazzia nella ricerca di qualcosa che non trovano nel mondo che hanno già dentro le notti che dal vino son bagnate dentro le stanze da pastiglie trasformate dentro le nuvole …

Pink Floyd – Us and them (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Us and them and after all we’re only ordinary men me, and you God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do forward he cried from the rear and the front rank died the General sat, and the lines on the map moved from side to side

Bob Dylan – A hard rain’s a-gonna fall (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Oh where have you been my blue eyed son and where have you been my darling young one I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains I’ve walked and I’ve crawled on six crooked highways

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A. (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— Testo. “Born down in a dead man’s town the first kick I took was when I hit the ground you end up like a dog that’s been beat too much till you spend half your life just covering up, now

Elton John – Blue eyes (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Blue eyes baby’s got blue eyes like a deep blue sea on a blue blue day blue eyes baby’s got blue eyes when the morning comes I’ll be far away, and I say

Ducu Bertzi – Dacă tu (testo)

———————————————— Testo. “Dacă tu vei pleca, peste inima mea se lasă-ntuneric şi lespede grea nu pot să zbor, nu pot să mor şi ce greu îmi e mie şi ţie usor

Radical Face – Welcome home (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Sleep don’t visit so I choke on sun and the days blur into one and the backs of my eyes hum with things I’ve never done

Sade – Somebody already broke my heart (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “You came along when I needed a savior someone to pull me through somehow I’ve been torn apart so many times I’ve been hurt so many times before so I’m counting on you now

The Boy Least Likely To – Be gentle with me (testo)

———————————————— Testo. “Staring up into the solar system all the stars are fixed up in the sky I just want to sparkle for a moment before I just fizzle out and die.

Ed Sheeran – Give me love (testo)

———————————————— Give me love like her ‘cause lately I’ve been waking up alone paint splattered teardrops on my shirt told you I’d let them go and that I’ll fight my corner maybe tonight I’ll call ya after my blood turns into alcohol no, I just wanna hold ya.

Herbert Pagani – Gracias a la vida – Merci l’existence (testo)

———————————————— “Gracias a la vida merci l’existence pour ces yeux que j’ouvre quand le jour commence ils m’ont fait connaître l’océan, les plaines le soleil des routes et l’ombre des fontaines et parmi les femmes la seule femme que j’aime

The Offspring – The kids aren’t alright (testo)

———————————————— “When we were young the future was so bright the old neighborhood was so alive and every kid on the whole damn street was gonna make it big and not be beat

Bruce Springsteen – Cover me (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— Testo. “The times are tough now just getting tougher this old world is rough it’s just getting rougher cover me, come on baby, cover me well I’m looking for a lover who will come on in and cover me promise me baby you won’t let them find us hold me in your arms let’s …

Manu Chao – Bongo Bong (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Mama was queen of the mongo papa was king of the Kongo deep down in a djungle last up banging life has Bongo

Julia Boutros – Habibi / حبيبي – جوليا بطرس (testo e traduzione in inglese)

———————————————— Testo. يمكن ما قلتلك انك انت حبيبي لكن قدمتلّك عمري يا حبيبي

Bruce Springsteen – Brilliant disguise (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “I hold you in my arms as the band plays What are those words whispered baby just as you turn away

Beatles – Ticket to ride (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “I think I’m gonna be sad I think it’s today, yeah the girl that’s driving me mad is going away