Anna Kendrick – Cups (testo e traduzione)


“I got my ticket for the long way ‘round
two bottle ‘a whiskey for the way
and I sure would like some sweet company
and I’m leaving tomorrow, wha-do-ya say?

When I’m gone, when I’m gone
you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
you’re gonna miss me by my hair
you’re gonna miss me everywhere, oh
you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

I’ve got my ticket for the long way ‘round
the one with the prettiest of views
it’s got mountains, it’s got rivers
it’s got sights to give you shivers
but it sure would be prettier with you

When I’m gone, when I’m gone
you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
you’re gonna miss me by my walk
you’re gonna miss me by my talk, oh
you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone”.



“Ho due biglietti per un lungo giro
due bottiglie di whiskey per il viaggio
e vorrei un po’ di dolce compagnia
parto domani, che ne dici?

Quando sarò partita
quando sarò partita
ti mancherò quando sarò partita
ti mancherò per i miei capelli
ti mancherò dovunque, oh
ti mancherò quando sarò partita

Ho il mio biglietto per il lungo viaggio
è quello con la più bella delle viste
ci sono le montagne, ci sono i fiumi
e paesaggi che danno i brividi
ma sarebbe molto più bello con te

Quando sarò partita
quando sarò partita
ti mancherò quando sarò partita
ti mancherò per come cammino
ti mancherò per come parlo, oh
ti mancherò quando sarò partita”.

(Traduzione a cura di Marie Jolie)


Anna Kendrick, Cups – 2:06
Album: Pitch Perfect: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

Brano inserito nella colonna sonora del film Voices (2012, tit. orig. Pitch Perfect) diretto da Jason Moore, con Anna Kendrick e Skylar Astin.

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Cups (also known as “Cups (Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone)“) is a song popularized by American actress Anna Kendrick from the film Pitch Perfect. The basic song, “When I’m Gone“, was written by A. P. Carter and Luisa Gerstein and was performed in 1931 by the Carter Family, with later versions by J. E. Mainer’s Mountaineers and Charlie Monroe. In 2009 the band Lulu and the Lampshades combined the song “When I’m Gone” with a common children’s game known as the Cup game, in which plastic or styrofoam cups are tapped and hit on a table to create a distinct rhythm. This created the modern version of the song known as “Cups (When I’m Gone)” or alternately “When I’m Gone (Cups)“. In 2011 Anna Burden uploaded a version of the song on YouTube that then went viral and became the inspiration for the Kendricks version. The Kendrick version of the song is considered a sleeper hit in the United States, and Kendrick’s first top 10 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Cups (When I’m Gone),” also serves as the official song of the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup.
Kendrick learned the song after seeing Anna Burden‘s YouTube cover of the Lulu and the Lampshades song on Reddit, and performed it as her character Beca Mitchell‘s audition piece in the film accompanied by only a yellow plastic cup and the stage floor as percussion. Unlike the soundtrack version, the single version of the song was re-produced with additional instrumentation (notably banjos) by American Music Award winning music producer Ali Dee Theodore, Jordan Yaeger and Harvey Mason Jr. The single version was extended by an additional minute. Prior to the single’s release, covers of the song as well as tutorials on how to do the song (using cups) went viral across numerous video-sharing websites (such as YouTube). The beat that goes along with the cup song also was featured in an episode of the TV series Full House and Zoom.
The lyrics, vague as to why the singer is leaving, have been the subject of interpretation. Notable suggestions are that the singer is going off to war, suggested by the chorus of “you’re going to miss me when I’m gone“, though other possibilities are a failed relationship that’s ending and the singer is trying to convince the listener to stay together, or that the singer has wanderlust to see the world (“I got my ticket for the long way round“) and would like to take the listener with him/her on the journey. Given the period that the song was originally written (between the two World Wars and during the Depression and the Dust Bowl when thousands migrated in search of jobs) the latter situation is the most likely, and still holds true in today’s global economy.
Prior to the song’s release as a single, the song debuted at number 93 on the Hot 100 for the week ending January 12, 2013. Afterward, the single was released and the song began a slow but steady ascent up the chart. In its 32nd week on the chart, the song reached at number 6, its peak position to date. By August 18, 2013, all versions of the song had sold 2,144,000 downloads in the US. On May 4, “Cups” returned to the Top 50 of the Australian music sales charts at a new peak of number 44, achieved in part due to the DVD of Pitch Perfect being released in Australia on April 13th. It originally made it to number 48 in January.
The song’s music video was shot the fourth week of March 2013, and it was directed by Pitch Perfect‘s director Jason Moore. It was released on April 13, 2013 on Anna Kendrick‘s Vevo channel. It opens with Kendrick in a restaurant’s kitchen cutting dough into biscuits with a tall cup, while looking up longingly at some postcards of exotic places stuck to the refrigerator. She puts the biscuit tray in the oven, sets a timer, and dusts her hands off with an oscillating fan, before pausing a moment, and then starts the song using the cup on the table. In a long continuous shot, she washes her hands, takes a plate of food from the chef, makes her way out into the dining area, where all the customers are drumming the cups in various ways. The camera then follows her singing and collecting dirty dishes, etc. before it pans around and back out wide, showing the entire diner doing the routine, during the bridge section. It then cuts back to her walking back to the kitchen, passing the chef now drumming with a cup instead of wooden utensils, and follows back to her at the table. As the song ends the timer rings, and she looks back up, out towards the dining area where everyone is now normal (realizing it was all her imagination). Taking one last look at the chef, she smiles and exits through the back door”.

(Wikipedia, voce Cups (song))


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Brano proposto da: Marie Jolie
Direttore: Arturo Bandini (
Responsabile Quality: Arturo Bandini (ad interim) (
Segretaria di Redazione: Arianna Russo (


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  1. amo tutto di questa canzone: lei Anna Kendrick, il video, il ritmo, la felicità che emana …….. e soprattutto quel ritmo incredibile delle cups…… sarà la mia preferita per tantissimi anni ne sono sicurissima!!!!

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