Mercedes Sosa – Zamba de los humildes (testo)

———————————————— “Zambita para que canten los humildes de mis pagos si hay que esperar la esperanza más vale esperar cantando

Pink Floyd – Echoes (testo)

———————————————— “Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air and deep beneath the rolling waves in labyrinths of coral caves an echo of a distant time comes willowing across the sand and everything is green and submarine.

Pink Floyd – Alan’s psychedelic breakfast

———————————————— Brano strumentale suddiviso nelle seguenti parti: a. Rise and shine (00:00) b. Sunny side up (04:22) c. Morning glory (08:17) ————————————————

Pink Floyd – Another brick in the wall (part 1) (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Daddy’s flown across the ocean leaving just a memory a snapshot in the family album Daddy what else did you leave for me Daddy what d’ya leave behind for me all in all it was just a brick in the wall all in all it was all just bricks in the wall”.

Pink Floyd – The thin ice (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Mamma loves her baby and daddy loves you too and the sea may look warm to you babe and the sky may look blue but oh babe, oh babe

Pink Floyd – Fat old sun (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “When that fat old sun in the sky is falling summer evenin’ birds are calling summer’s thunder time of year the sound of music in my ears

Kenny Rogers – The gambler (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— Testo. “On a warm summer’s evenin’ on a train bound for nowhere I met up with the gambler we were both too tired to sleep so we took turns a-starin’ out the window at the darkness the boredom overtook us and he began to speak

Pink Floyd – Dogs (testo)

———————————————— “You gotta be crazy you gotta have a real need you gotta sleep on your toes and when you’re on the street you gotta be able to pick out the easy meat with your eyes closed and then moving in silently down wind and out of sight you gotta strike when the moment is …

Pink Floyd – Sheep (testo)

———————————————— “Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air you better watch out there may be dogs about I’ve looked over Jordan, and I have seen things are not what they seem.

Pink Floyd – Pigs (Three different ones) (testo)

———————————————— “Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are you well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are and when your hand is on your heart you’re nearly a good laugh almost a joker with your head down in the pig bin saying ‘Keep on digging’ pig stain on your fat chin what …

Daniele Silvestri – Quali alibi (testo)

———————————————— “Zitto zitto fa sì scusa ma mi era sembrato di vedere qualcosa di strano tipo un esercito nemico in uno stato sovrano tipo un’aperta violazione degli accordi che abbiamo

Pink Floyd – Atom heart mother

———————————————— Brano strumentale suddiviso nelle seguenti parti: a: Father’s Shout (0:00 – 2:52) b: Breast Milky (2:52 – 5:23) c: Mother Fore (5:23 – 10:12) d: Funky Dung (10:12 – 14:50) e: Mind Your Throats Please (14:50 – 18:00) f: Remergence (18:00 – 23:43) ————————————————

David Bowie – Cat people (Putting out fire) (testo)

———————————————— “See these eyes so green I can stare for a thousand years colder than the moon it’s been so long and I’ve been putting out fire with gasoline

David Bowie – Panic in Detroit (testo)

———————————————— “He looked a lot like Che Guevara drove a diesel van kept his gun in quiet seclusion such a humble man the only survivor of the National People’s Gang panic in Detroit, I asked for an autograph he wanted to stay home, I wish someone would phone

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Left a good job in the city workin’ for The Man every night and day and I never lost one minute of sleepin’ worryin’ ‘bout the way things might have been.

Simply Red – If you don’t know me by now (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “If you don’t know me by now you will never never never know me All the things that we’ve been through you should understand me like I understand you now girl I know the difference between right and wrong I ain’t gonna do nothing to break up our happy home don’t get so excited …

Mercedes Sosa – Palomita del valle (testo)

———————————————— “Palomita blanca vidalita que cruzas el valle ve a decir a todos vidalita que ha muerto Lavalle.

Kúra – Gógó (testo)

———————————————— “Magnetic fields streaming through the endless sky right above the ice cold river ice cold leave us behind like wild animals running like we don’t know where to go go your heartbeat floating down the river following the stars which will tear us apart the touch of your skin makes me shiver and running …

Mark Knopfler e Emmylou Harris – All the roadrunning (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “A million miles our vagabond heels clocked up beneath the clouds they’re counting down to show time when we do it for real with the crowds air miles are owing but they don’t come for free and they don’t give you any for pain

Mark Knopfler e Emmylou Harris – Love and happiness (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Here’s a wishing well here’s a penny for any tought it is that makes you smile every diamond dream everything that brings love and happiness to your life