The Lumineers – Angela (testo)


“When you left this town, with your windows down
and the wilderness inside
let the exits pass, all the tar and glass
‘til the road and sky align

The strangers in this town
they raise you up just to cut you down
oh Angela it’s a long time coming

And your Volvo lights lit up green and white
with the cities on the signs
but you held your course to some distant war
in the corners of your mind

From the second time around
the only love I ever found
oh Angela it’s a long time coming
home at last

Were you safe and warm in your coat of arms
with your fingers in a fist
did you hear the notes, all those static codes
in the radio abyss?

Strangers in this town
they raise you up just to cut you down
oh Angela it’s a long time coming
oh Angela spent your whole life running away
home at last, home at last

Vacancy, hotel room, lost in me, lost in you
Angela, on my knees, I belong, I believe
home at last, home at last
home at last, home at last

Home at last…”.


The Lumineers, Angela – 3:21
(Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites, Simone Felice)
Album: Cleopatra (2016)
Singolo: “Angela” (2016)

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Angela is a song recorded by American folk rock band The Lumineers for their second studio album, Cleopatra, and released as the album’s third single on April 1, 2016. The Lumineers has said that the song “Angela,” is about “a small town beauty struggling to escape her past”. During a recent interview, The Lumineers also mentioned how the name “Angela” isn’t a reference to anything specific; noting: “Something like Angela in that song, could have been Los Angeles or Francesca. It just, sometimes words and names feel vary; they feel right” (Wesley Schultz, the band’s lead vocalist). Through Facebook, The Lumineers premiered a twenty-one second long snippet of a live performance of the song on April 1, 2016. On April 1, 2016, The Lumineers premiered the song “Angela,” with a live performance at the iHeartRadio music theater in LA. The performance was aired on Audience Network, at 9pm on April 8, 2016. The Lumineers also performed the song for KEXP at the Columbia City Theater; and on April 16, 2016, they performed the song for The Saturday Sessions, a weekly music slot featured on the daily morning news program, CBS This Morning”.

(Wikipedia, voce Angela (The Lumineers song))


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