Miley Cyrus – Malibu (testo e traduzione)


“I never came to the beach or stood by the ocean
I never sat by the shore under the sun
with my feet in the sand
but you brought me here and I’m happy that you did
‘cause now I’m as free as birds catching the wind

I always thought I would sink, so I never swam
I never went boatin’, don’t get how they are floatin’
and sometimes I get so scared
of what I can’t understand

But here I am next to you
the sky’s more blue in Malibu
next to you in Malibu
next to you, baby

We watched the sun go down as we were walking
I’d spend the rest of my life just standing here talking
you would explain the current as I just smile
hoping that you’ll stay the same and nothing will change
and it’ll be us just for a while
do they even exist?
That’s when I make the wish
to swim away with the fish

Is it supposed to be this hot all summer long?
I never would’ve believed you
if three years ago you told me
I’d be here writing this song

But here I am next to you
the sky’s so blue in Malibu
next to you in Malibu
next to you, baby

Next to you
the sky’s so blue
in Malibu, baby
next to you

We are just like the waves that flow back and forth
sometimes I feel like I’m drowning
and you’re there to save me
and I wanna thank you with all of my heart
it’s a brand new start
a dream come true in Malibu”.



“Non sono mai venuta in spiaggia
o sulla riva dell’oceano
non mi sono mai seduta sulla riva sotto il sole
con i piedi nella sabbia
ma tu mi hai portato qui
e sono felice che tu l’abbia fatto
perché ora sono libera
come gli uccelli che prendono il vento.

Ho sempre pensato che sarei affondata
quindi non ho mai nuotato
non sono mai andata in barca
non so come fanno a galleggiare
e talvolta mi spavento così tanto
per quello che non comprendo.

Ma eccomi qui, accanto a te
il cielo è più blu a Malibu
accanto a te a Malibu
accanto a te

Abbiamo guardato il sole tramontare mentre camminavamo
passerei il resto della mia vita stando qui a parlare
tu mi parleresti della corrente mentre io sorriderei
sperando che tu rimanga sempre lo stesso e che nulla cambi
e saremmo noi almeno per un po’
ma esistono?
Questo è quando esprimo il desiderio
di nuotare via insieme ai pesci

Dovrebbe fare così caldo per tutta l’estate?
Non ti avrei mai creduto
se tre anni fa mi avessi detto
che sarei stata qui a scrivere questa canzone.

Ma eccomi qui, accanto a te
il cielo è così blu a Malibu
accanto a te a Malibu
accanto a te

Accanto a te
il cielo è così blu
a Malibu
accanto a te

Siamo come le onde che frangono avanti e indietro
qualche volta mi sento come se annegassi
e tu sei lì per salvarmi
e ti voglio ringraziare con tutto il mio cuore
è un nuovo inizio
un sogno divenuto realtà a Malibu”.

(Traduzione a cura di Peppo Anselmi)


Miley Cyrus, Malibu – 3:51
(Miley Cyrus, Oren Yoel)
Singolo: Malibu (2017)

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Malibu is a song recorded by American singer Miley Cyrus as the lead single from Cyrus’ upcoming sixth studio album, which is set for release in October 2017, and will be the first full-length project by Cyrus since her 2015 collaboration with psychedelic rock band, The Flaming Lips, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. It was written by Cyrus and Oren Yoel, and produced by Yoel. The song was released on May 11, 2017 by RCA Records, premiering on Beats 1 on and subsequently becoming available for streaming on Apple Music. The song discusses Cyrus’ relationship with current fiancé and fellow The Last Song co-star, Liam Hemsworth. Critics viewed “Malibu” as indicative of Cyrus’ transition into becoming a more mellow artist, and more removed from her previously controversial image. The song became her ninth top-ten entry on the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number ten so far. An accompanying music video was released on the same day as the song. It features Cyrus in various all-white outfits as she is shown frolicking in various outdoor locations.
“It can so easily be generalized into a love song. I had to really heal myself individually, and then this song – about finding a new love with an old love, maybe you’re finding a new freedom – is also about individuality and the freedom in that. And realizing that certain doors lead you to one place you never imagined you would be, and if that can be through a person, that’s really awesome” (Miley Cyrus, speaking on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show regarding the song). Following the release of her fifth studio album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, Cyrus resumed working on her upcoming sixth studio album. Cyrus announced in October 2016 that she was re-engaged to actor and current fiancé Liam Hemsworth, with whom she starred in the Nicholas Sparks film adaptation of the novel of the same name, The Last Song. Cyrus wrote “Malibu” while taking an Uber on her way to her first day on The Voice. “Malibu” was first announced in a May 2017 cover story for Billboard magazine, where Cyrus announced that the song, which would be the lead single from her upcoming sixth studio album, would be released on May 11th, 2017. In the same interview, she also addressed being sober for 3 weeks prior, and noting that this had an impact on the song. While its title references the city of Malibu, California, the song mainly discusses her relationship with Hemsworth. Cyrus described the song as being about “finding a new love with an old love”, and about finding a “new freedom” in that. The production of the song was handled by Oren Yoel, with whom Cyrus worked on songs such as “Adore You“. The cover artwork of “Malibu” was revealed on May 10, showing Cyrus lying on top of the grass back in her backyard, with her engagement ring on; it was taken by Hemsworth. The song first premiered on Beats 1 on May 11, 2017, presented by Zane Lowe. It was then released for streaming on Apple Music and other streaming platforms.
Rolling Stone characterized the song as pop rock, whereas Spin described it as soft rock. It is performed in the key of A♭ major with a tempo of 140 beats per minute. Cyrus’ vocals span from E♭3 to F5. The song’s lyrics differ from Cyrus’s previous two albums, and provide introspection on her love life with Liam Hemsworth, whom she lived with in Malibu at the time of writing the song. The New York Times said Cyrus sings about “past insecurities, current contentment and “Hoping I just stay the same, and nothing will change/And it’ll be us, just for a while””.
Cyrus performed “Malibu” live for the first time at Wango Tango on May 13, 2017, as a special guest performer. A little over a week later, she gave her first televised performance of the track at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on May 21, 2017. She was introduced by both her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and sister, Noah Cyrus, before performing the song. She wore a pair of white jean shorts, a white crop top, and a tan cowboy hat. Cyrus began to choke up towards the end of the performance, becoming teary-eyed and thanking her fans. A day later, she performed the song on The Voice finale, in front of a forest-themed backdrop similar to in the song’s music video. She prefaced the performance by dedicating it to Ariana Grande and victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, which had occurred 2 days prior to her performance, saying, “I’d like to dedicate this song to my good friend Ariana Grande and to everyone who experienced that horrific attack yesterday. Our hearts are with you”. On May 26, Cyrus also performed the song on the Today show as part as their Citi Concert series. She had also performed “Malibu” at the One Love Manchester Concert on June 4th.
The New York Times’s Jon Pareles described the song as “nice as can be”, saying, “The only shock is that there’s no shock”. Jon Blistein of Rolling Stone called “Malibu” a “stripped-down song…[which] buoys Cyrus’ simple vocals and lovestruck lyrics”. Forbes writer Hugh McIntyre says “‘Malibu‘ is unexpected upon first listen”, and notes Cyrus “has gone in an Americana direction, opting for a guitar-based composition instead of the electronic sound her fans have become used to over the past few years”. Joey Nolfi of Entertainment Weekly gave the song a positive review, describing it as “minimal, refreshing, and simple in tone”, as well as “radio-friendly”. Time’s Raisa Bruner called “Malibu” a “stripped-down” and “breezy” track, and noted that the track deviates from her previous work, which included “zany stage antics” and “conversation-sparking politics”. Pitchfork writer Jillian Mapes was more critical of the song, calling the song “sedated”, “wholly inoffensive”, and “a shrug of a song”, while saying that “[Malibu is] so breezy, it makes Sheryl Crow seem edgy, or Lady Gaga’s Joanne resemble a legit rock’n’roll reinvention”. The New Yorker’s Amanda Petrusich was also mostly critical of the track, calling it “lifeless” and “equal parts bohemian and smarmy”, writing that “it is as if Dolly Parton were finally called upon to sing a late-era Stevie Nicks track”, while adding that her disposal of the hip-hop culture she once embraced feels “disingenuous, if not sinister”. Variety writer Chris Willman had a mixed opinion on the track, calling it “sweet” and “deeply felt”, praising Cyrus’s “guilelessness” and Oren Yoel‘s production skills while also comparing her sound on the song to that of Seals and Crofts, but adding that the track itself has “any number of clunker lines” and non-sequiturs. SPIN’s Andy Cush expressed a mixed reaction to the track, saying that while it boasts “earnest lyrics, unfussy production with handclaps and clean electric guitars, [and] a mild twang to remind you of her status as the progeny of a country star”, he found the track to be “utterly inoffensive” and that Cyrus’s persona in “Malibu” felt like “her most deliberately constructed persona yet”, while likening her sound to that of Sheryl Crow and Don Henley.
In the United States, with less than a day of tracking, “Malibu” debuted at number 64 on the Billboard Hot 100 with 29,000 downloads and 4 million streams. In its first full week, the single soared to number 10 with 77,000 copies sold (106,000 total), 21.5 million streams, and logged 13.5 million in airplay audience. The feat makes “Malibu” Cyrus’ ninth top 10 entry on the chart and her first since “Wrecking Ball” in 2013. In United Kingdom, the single debuted at number eleven on the UK Singles Chart, becoming her fourth song to peak at this position. In Oceania, “Malibu” charted at number three on the ARIA Charts in Australia and at number five on the Official New Zealand Music Chart.
The music video for “Malibu” was released on May 11, 2017, and was directed by Cyrus and Diane Martel. The music video features several shots of Cyrus on a beach with balloons, sitting in front of a waterfall, in wildflower fields, and running with a dog, all while dressed in various white outfits. In the video, she also shows her engagement ring. It garnered over 50 million views within its first week. By the third week the video had reached 100 million views”.

(Wikipedia, voce Malibu (Miley Cyrus song))


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