Amy Macdonald – Slow it down (testo)

———————————————— “I never knew you before I’ve been walking around with my eyes on the floor but now you’re everywhere to me you’re every face that I see things ain’t moving quick enough for me.

Amy Macdonald – Dream on (testo)

———————————————— “Never gonna be on my own it’s clear as the day never gonna cast my anchor out I’m a free spirit, torn in a way I can’t stay here for too long I got to keep on moving on nothing fades as nothing changes this old place is driving me crazy

Alanis Morissette – Hands clean (testo)

———————————————— “If it weren’t for your maturity none of this would have happened if you weren’t so wise beyond your years I would’ve been able to control myself if it weren’t for my attention you wouldn’t have been successful and if it weren’t for me you would never have amounted to very much

Alanis Morissette – Head over feet (testo)

———————————————— “I had no choice but to hear you you stated your case time and again I thought about it You treat me like I’m a princess I’m not used to liking that you ask how my day was

Alanis Morissette – Uninvited (testo)

———————————————— “Like anyone would be I am flattered by your fascination with me like any hot-blooded woman I have simply wanted an object to crave but you, you’re not allowed you’re uninvited an unfortunate slight