Al Stewart – Midas shadow (testo)

————————————————— “You got your ticket and your hotel keys and your overnight bag at your feet you’re looking down on the tropical trees while the Spanish maids pick up the sheets Conquistador in search of gold for all the jackdaw reasons the Midas shadow that’s so hard to please and follows wherever you go

Al Stewart – Small fruit song (testo)

————————————————— “Said the apple to the orange: – Oh I wanted you to come Close to me and kiss me to the core Then you might know me like no other orange Has ever done before -“.

Al Stewart – Sand in your shoes (testo)

————————————————— “You always were a city kid though you were country raised and back in some forgotten time we shared the cold north days but the simple life was not your style and you just had to escape so it’s goodbye to my lady of the islands

Al Stewart – Song on the radio (testo)

————————————————— “I was making my way through the wasteland the road into town passes through I was changing the radio stations with my mind on you oh your friends call you “Lily Paloma” but that’s not the way that you are it’s too much of a gentle misnomer for a shooting star

Al Stewart – Lord Grenville (testo)

————————————————— “Go and tell Lord Grenville that the tide is on the turn it’s time to haul the anchor up and leave the land astern we’ll be gone before the dawn returns like voices on the wind.

Al Stewart – On the border (testo)

————————————————— “The fishing boats go out across the evening water smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border the wind whips up the waves so loud the ghost moon sails among the clouds turns the rifles into silver on the border