“I know what you want the magpies have come
if you know me so well
then tell me which hand I use
make them go, make it go

Saw her there in a restaurant
Poppy don’t go
I know your mother is a good one
but Poppy don’t go
I’ll take you home

Show me the things I’ve been missing
show me the ways I forgot to be speaking
show me the ways to get back to the Garden
show me the ways to get around the get around
show me the ways to button up buttons
that have forgotten they’re buttons
well we can’t have that forgetting that

Girls girls what have we done to ourselves
driving on the vine over clothes lines
but Officer I saw the sign
thought I’d been through this in 1919
counting the tears of ten thousand men
and gathered them all but my feet are slipping
there’s something we left on the windowsill
there’s something we left yes

We’ll see how brave you are
we’ll see how fast you’ll be running
we’ll see how brave you are
yes, Anastasia
and all your dollies have friends

Thought she deserved no less than she’d give
well happy birthday her blood’s on my hands
it’s kind of a shame ‘cause I did like that dress
it’s funny the things that you find in the rain
the things that you find in the mall and in the date mines
in the knot still in her hair
on the bus I’m on my way down
on my way down
all the girls seem to be there

We’ll see how brave you are
oh yes, we’ll see how fast you’ll be running
we’ll see how brave you are
we’ll see
we’ll see how brave you are
oh yes, we’ll see how fast you’ll be running
we’ll see how brave you are
yes, Anastasia

Come along now little darlin’
come along now with me
come along now little darlin’
we’ll see how brave you are”.


Tori Amos, Yes, Anastasia – 9:33
(Tori Amos)
Album: Under the Pink (1994)

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“While several soft-loud-soft tunes betray a clear debt to Nirvana-style grunge, overall this album represents a more acoustic piano-based sound, and most of the final third of the album is devoted to a classical-inspired suite of piano songs, including the sweeping nine-and-a-half minute epic “Yes, Anastasia“. Amos used a prepared upright piano for the studio recording of “Bells for Her“, which was also played on a prepared piano for the second half of the tour.
Amos has described the meaning of the song “Yes, Anastasia” to the media. The song is about the life of Anastasia Romanova, a grand duchess of Russia who was the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II. Amos explained that she had once become sick from eating bad crabs in Maryland. She explained that while performing a sound check, she was influenced by Romanov’s presence. “Needless to say, when you are very, very ill, it is easier to communicate with your source … you are fragile and vulnerable … Now I have only heard of her story, I’ve got no point to make. She comes and goes ‘You’ve got to write my tune.’ I go ‘Ohhh, now’s not a really good time.’ She says ‘No, you’ve got to understand something from this, there’s something here that you’ve got to come to terms with.’ And that night came”. Amos said that the lyrics “We’ll see how brave you are” means so many different things to her; it is a part of her self saying “If you really want a challenge, just deal with yourself”.

(Wikipedia, voce Under the Pink)


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