De La Soul – A roller skating jam named “Saturdays” (testo)


“(And rollerskates)
(And rollerskates)
(And rollerskates)

Girl meets boy on Thursday night
boy was high, girl fly like kite
they hold hands until next day
boy then lets go, hit his way
boy rules butt, brags to his boys
erection brings bad boy joys
boy thinks of that big fat back
big black fat love, big black fat
girl calls boy to stand him up on Saturday

Saturday, it’s a Saturday
it’s a Saturday, it’s a Saturday
Saturday, it’s a Saturday
Saturday, it’s a Saturday

Back once more with the wallop in the score
must I ride and rip, should I make you rock your hip
reviver of a roller-boogie in a rink
and sure to make you think about the times
to scope fun instead of fights
(but diving from a piece of metal sure to take your life)
yo, slip your butt to the fix of this mix
toss that briefcase, it’s time to let loose
’cause you’ve worked like heck to get the week in check
so unfasten that noose around your neck
connected like a vibe from the wheel to the foot
come on everybody dig the funky output

Five days you work
one whole day to play
come on everybody, wear your rollerskates today
it’s Saturday, Saturday
Saturday, it’s Saturday
Saturday, it’s Saturday
Saturday, it’s Saturday-ay
(is the word, is the word, is the word)

Now as you pump your fist I reminisce
to a bounce, rock, skate, roll
fess to impress
hey, pretty diamond, do you like the way I’m dressed
cool, keep the faith and be my mate
’cause all we need is feet
(and rollerskates)
but promote the hustle ’cause it keeps me thin
no need to talk, look who just walked in

(Is there a Dred on skates?)
Yes, man
(So kick the wham on this jam)
oh Mr. Sprinkler, Mr. Sprinkler
wet me for one, Mr. Sprinkler
I’m heatin’ high-five in a daze, no split
with a yawn I trip to the dawn
out comes the bodies following the one idea
it’s clear, rattle to the roll
hold back up the track, grab your rollerskates y’all
and let’s zip on by
zip-a-de-doo-dah, let’s zip on by
feed on a weed and we’re feeling high
sun is on thick and the cheese is rollin’ quick
come on, there’s no time to hide
season is twist, spinning and winning
no hackeysack, let let me in
spill on the bottom away, but it’s okay, huh
it’s a Saturday

Now let’s all get baked like Anita

Watch Mr. Lawnge, don’t look at the peter

Feel on the fun, I’ll feel on the

Hey, watch that!

It’s a Saturday

Now is the time
to act the fool tonight
forget about your worries and you will be all right
it’s Saturday, Saturday
Saturday, it’s Saturday
Saturday, it’s Saturday
Saturday, it’s Saturday

(Saturday) (Saturday) (Saturday)
(Saturday) (Saturday) (Saturday)
(Saturday) (Saturday)”.


De La Soul, A roller skating jam named “Saturdays” – 4:02
(Kelvin Mercer, Paul Huston, Vincent Mason, Kamal Fareed, Rodney Mathews)
Album: De La Soul Is Dead (1991)
Singolo: “A roller skating jam named “Saturdays” / What Yo Life Can Truly Be” (1991)

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A Roller Skating Jam Named “Saturdays”” is the first single by American hip hop trio De La Soul from their second studio album De La Soul Is Dead. The track also includes vocal contributions from American rapper Q-Tip, American R&B singer Vinia Mojica and American entrepreneur Russell Simmons. The track’s composition is built around many samples. The song was generally well-received by critics. The song peaked at number twenty-two on the UK Singles Chart and at numbers six and forty three on the United States Billboard Hot Dance Club Play and Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs charts respectively.
The song’s lyrics were written by Paul “Prince Paul” Huston, Kelvin “Posdnuos” Mercer, David “Dave” Jude Jolicoeur, Vincent “Maseo” Mason and Jonathan “Q-Tip” Davis, and produced by Prince Paul. The title of the song derives from the roller skate fad of the 1970s, as well as a prominent sample of “Saturday in the Park” originally recorded by American rock band Chicago.
Posdnuos and Dave of the group rap verses on the track, and other musical contributions are also made by American rapper Q-Tip, who raps the first verse of the track and vocalist Vinia Mojica, who sings between verses. The intro of the song also features Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons – in non-musical capacity – as a DJ from fictional radio station “WRMS”. The song is considered another collaboration from the Native Tongues posse, as both De La Soul, Q-Tip and Mojica are members; however, it would become among the last of these collaborations to appear on a De La Soul album. The themes of the song’s lyrics revolve around more simple themes, including roller skating and the joy of weekends, compared to darker themes explored throughout De La Soul Is Dead to try to debunk their “daisy-age” image caused by the themes of their previous album 3 Feet High and Rising. Because of this, the track has been described as one of the more light-hearted tracks on the album.
The song’s main beat is based around a sample of a riff from American soul group The Mighty Ryeders‘ “Evil Vibrations” (1978); because of this, the group’s frontman, Rodney Matthews, is given songwriting credit on the song. Aside from this the song also samples vocals and a horn riff from American disco singer Frankie Valli‘s “Grease“; vocals from American rock band Chicago‘s “Saturday in the Park” (1972); American funk band Young-Holt Unlimited‘s “Light My Fire” (1969); horns from “I Got My Mind Made Up” by American funk band Instant Funk; a drum break from American funk band Tower of Power‘s “Ebony Jam” (1975), and a vocal sample from American disco band Chic‘s “Good Times” (1979); all of these samples except the latter three are credited in the liner notes”.

(Wikipedia, voce A Roller Skating Jam Named “Saturdays”)


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