Billy Joel – Everybody loves you now (testo)


“Baby all the lights are turned on you
now you’re in the center of the stage
everything revolves on what you do
ah, you are in your prime, you’ve come of age

And you can always have your way somehow
but everybody loves you now

You can walk away from your mistakes
you can turn your back on what you do
just a little smile is all it takes
yeah, you can have your cake and eat it too

Loneliness will get to you somehow
but everybody loves you now

Ah, they all want your white body
and they await your reply
ah, but between you and me
and the Staten Island ferry
so do I

All the people want to know your name
soon there will be lines outside your door
feelings do not matter in your game
yeah, ’cause nothing’s gonna touch you anymore

So your life is only living anyhow
and everybody loves you now

Close your eyes when you don’t want to see
stay at home when you don’t want to go
only speak to those who will agree
yeah, and close your mind when you don’t want to know

You have lost you innocence somehow
but everybody loves you now

Ah, you know that nothing lasts forever
and it’s all been done before
ah, but you ain’t got the time
to go to Cold Spring Harbor
no more

See how all the people gather ’round
hey, isn’t it a thrill to see them crawl?
keep your eyes ahead and don’t look down
yeah, and lock yourself inside your sacred wall

This is what you wanted, ain’t you proud?
cause everybody loves you now”.


Billy Joel, Everybody loves you now – 2:49
(Billy Joel)
Album: Cold Spring Harbor (1971)
Singolo: “She’s got a way / Everybody Loves You Now” (1972)
Singolo: “Tomorrow Is Today / Everybody Loves You Now” (1972)

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Everybody Loves You Now is a song written by Billy Joel. It was first released on his 1971 debut album Cold Spring Harbor and was also released as a b-side to his singles “She’s Got a Way” and “Tomorrow Is Today“. Live versions were included on the albums Songs in the Attic, 12 Gardens Live and Live at Shea Stadium: The Concert.
The lyrics to “Everybody Loves You Now” describe a spoiled woman who thinks she is better than everyone now that has become famous. She now considers herself too good to return to her hometown of Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Joel took the title for his debut album from this line of the song. Despite her haughtiness, the singer desires her as does everyone else. The singer warns her that even though now she can take her attention for granted, since everyone wants her, eventually they will stop caring about her and she will be lonely. Joel biographer Fred Schruers describes the song as “both a rebuke and confession of tangled desire”. Ken Bielen describes “Everybody Loves You Now” as “an acoustic guitar-based shuffle”. Joel plays piano on the song. Bielen describes Joel‘s piano playing as “upbeat” and Schruers describes him as playing “hammering, almost barrelhouse chords. Joel has described “Everybody Loves You Now” as a “zinger” that “balanced out” the corniness of “She’s Got a Way“, saying that “I can be venomous but I could also be a mush”. Joel originally included “Everybody Loves You Now” on a five-song demo tape that also included other songs that would appear on Cold Spring Harbor such as “She’s Got a Way” and “Tomorrow Is Today” which Joel made in an unsuccessful attempt to secure his first solo recording contract with Paramount Records.
Allmusic critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine described the live version included on Songs in the Attic as hitting harder than the studio version. Joel has said that at the time he had reinterpreted the song as “a macho rationale for being rejected. Her? Leave me? She must be a self-possessed bitch! Anyway, everybody didn’t really love her. I just thought that they did”. A 16 mm black and white promotional video was made of “Everybody Loves You Now” being performed live at a small club in support of Songs in the Attic. Joel has often played the song live before and since. For example, he played it at the Gaslight au Go Go in 1971 and at Carnegie Hall in 1973. He played it as the 2006 shows at Madison Square Garden and the song was included on the resulting album 12 Gardens Live. This version incorporates a Hammond B-3 organ, which according to Bielen adds “soulful fullness”. Joel also included it in his set for the final concert at Shea Stadium in July 2008, and it was included on the resulting album Live at Shea Stadium: The Concert.
As early as 1974, Billboard Magazine critic Jim Melanson described “Everybody Loves You Now” as one of the songs that had brought Joel to national attention. Allmusic critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine described the studio version as being “bitterly cynical” and rated it as one of Joel‘s “finest songs”. Joel biographer Hank Bordowitz called it a “remarkable composition that, while not great, at least indicate[d] a rising talent”. Billboard Magazine’s Roy Waddell similarly described it as a “chestnut” that didn’t get its “proper due” until the live version was released on Songs in the Attic. Music critic Mark Bego praises Joel‘s “keyboard dexterity” and the drumming on the song, saying that it “perfectly confronts the ironic duality of a life in show business”. According to Rolling Stone Album Guide critic Paul Evans, “Everybody Loves You Now” was a precursor for the sarcasm Joel would incorporate in his songs throughout his career”.

(Wikipedia, voce Everybody Loves You Now)


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