Iron & Wine – Time after time (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you caught up in circles, confusion is nothing new flashback, warm nights almost left behind suitcases of memories, time after…

Iron & Wine and Calexico – History of lovers (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— Testo. “Louise only got from me innocent poetry although she played to not listen but still I can hear myself speak as if no one else ever could offer the same

Iron & Wine – Your fake name is good enough for me (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Fake watches in your broken hand barely keeping time barefoot in the city and your phone is ringing bet you’re watching all the happy kids climbing on a car they were singing something maybe they were singing – Become the weeds, we will become become the sea, we will become –

Iron & Wine – The sea & the rhythm (testo)

———————————————— “Tonight we’re the sea and the salty breeze the milk from your breast is on my lips and lovelier words from your mouth to me when salty my sweat and fingertips

Iron & Wine – Peace beneath the city (testo)

———————————————— “Here’s a prayer for the body buried by the interstate mother of a soldier a tree in a forest up in flames Black valley, peace beneath the city where the women hear the washboard rhythm in their bosom when they say “Give me good legs and a Japanese car and show me a road”

Iron & Wine – The devil never sleeps (testo)

———————————————— “Dreaming again of a train track ending at the edge of the sea (big black cloud was low and rolling our way) dog at the barbed wire barking at my buzz cut friends and me (sound of a switchblade shining in the summer rain) no one on the corner had a quarter for the …

Iron & Wine – Boy with a coin (testo)

———————————————— “Boy with a coin he found in the weeds with bullets and pages of trade magazines close to a car that flipped on the turn when God left the ground to circle the world

Iron & Wine – Passing afternoon (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “There are times that walk from you like some passing afternoon summer warmed the open window of her honeymoon and she chose a yard to burn but the ground remembers her wooden spoons, her children stir her Bougainvillea blooms

Iron & Wine – Joy (testo)

———————————————— “Deep inside the heart of this troubled man there’s an itty bitty boy tugging hard at your hand born bitter as a lemon but you must understand that you’ve been bringing me joy.

Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— Testo. “I am thinking it’s a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned

Iron & Wine – Discografia completa – Testi e traduzioni

——————————————- ——————————————- Album in studio. The Creek Drank the Cradle (2002) 1. Lion’s mane (testo) 2. Bird stealing bread (testo) 3. Faded from the winter (testo e traduzione) 4. Promising light (testo) 5. The rooster moans (testo e traduzione) 6. Upward over the mountain (testo e traduzione) 7. Southern anthem – 3:54 8. An angry …

Iron & Wine – Freedom hangs like heaven (testo)

———————————————— “Mary, carry your babe bound up tight like lips around a whimper your fingers over my face blind eyed Samson driven to the temple and night birds digging ’til dawn freedom hangs like heaven over everyone ain’t nobody knows what a newborn holds but his mama says he’ll walk on water and wander back …

Iron & Wine – Sunset soon forgotten (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Be this sunset soon forgotten your brothers left here shaved and crazy we’ve learned to hide our bottles in the well and what’s worth keeping, sun still sinking

Iron & Wine – The trapeze swinger (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Please remember me, happily by the rosebush laughing with bruises on my chin, the time when we counted every black car passing

Iron & Wine – Naked As We Came (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— Testo. “She says – wake up, it’s no use pretending – I’ll keep stealing, breathing her birds are leaving over autumn’s ending one of us will die inside these arms eyes wide open, naked as we came one will spread our ashes ’round the yard

Iron & Wine – Jesus the Mexican Boy (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— Testo. “Jesus the Mexican boy born in a truck on the fourth of July gave me a card with a lady naked on the back barefoot at night on the road fireworks blooming above in the sky I never knew I was given the best one from the deck

Iron & Wine – Flightless bird, American mouth (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “I was a quick wet boy diving too deep for coins all of your street light eyes wide on my plastic toys

Iron & Wine e Calexico – Sixteen, maybe less (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— Testo. “Beyond the ridge to the left you asked me what I want between the trees and cicadas singing round the pond – I spent an hour with you should I want anything else? –