Lisa Hannigan – Ocean and a rock (testo)

———————————————— “Want you at my gentle spoken friend I lack a frame to put you in when you’re an ocean and a rock away I feel you in the pocket of my overcoat my fingers wrap around your words they take the shape of games we play

Lisa Hannigan – Song of the sea (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Between the here, between the now between the North, Between the South between the West, between the East between the time, between the place

Lisa Hannigan – Sea song (testo)

“There’s one man, he’s like the wishful thinking in my life, I see so and he’s like the wine on the weekend and though he is like the sea and it’s right he be so if I hold tight he’ll wash over me

Lisa Hannigan (feat. Ray LaMontagne) – O sleep (testo)

“O sleep, come for me, I will go quietly where the roof doesn’t leak in my heart o sleep, come for me I’m a boat, sprung a leak I’ll hide and you’ll seek a new start

Lisa Hannigan – Little bird (testo e traduzione)

———————————————— “Your heart sings like a kettle and your words they boil away like steam and a lie burns long while the truth bites quick a heart is built for both it seems you are lonely as a church despite the queuing out your door I am empty as a promise, no more.

Lisa Hannigan – Pagina di raccordo

———————————————— 1. Knots (testo) 2. Little bird (testo e traduzione) 3. O sleep (feat. Ray LaMontagne) (testo) 4. What’ll I do (testo) 5. Sea song (testo) 6. I don’t know (testo) 7. Lille (testo) 8. Song of the sea (testo e traduzione) 9. Ocean and a rock (testo) ———————————————— InfinitiTesti è un sito amatoriale che …